Hey there real estate agents and investors, Keir Weimer here founder of Sophisticated Agent. And this week, I want to talk a little bit about the year in review and looking ahead.

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I’ve shared this before. I’ve talked about my process, my year-end process of really dissecting the prior year. Understanding, taking a personal and professional inventory of successes and triumphs of failures and setbacks, of the lessons I’ve learned and things I still need to learn. Of the relationships, the people I’ve met the way in which I’ve shown up. I take stock in an inventory of what this last year has created, what I’ve created in the world manifested and where I still need to grow. Then I start to shift the focus to the next year 2021. And for me, that’s continuing to scale with this concept of leverage, building out my teams. Finding, identifying the right technology to also leverage and do more with less. Creating more systems and checklists to automate, delegate, refine, and really create efficiencies in my various businesses.

Show up with a high level of energy and intention

Because I firmly believe that energy propels success. Propels us in sales, in our real estate business and our level of productivity and efficiency. And it really dictates our outcomes. So maintaining right? Cultivating and maintaining a high level of energy every day, really, really important. This year has been marked by so much disruption, tumult in the real estate world, the economy and this public health crisis, the worldwide pandemic in 2020, it’s forced a lot of people to do things differently to reevaluate their entire life, their value system, their framework their principals. And most importantly, it’s cost hundreds of thousands of Americans, their lives. As well as hundreds of thousands of other people around the world and their lives as well.

As a country we have demonstrated resounding resilience and our ability to persevere, to find a way through. And I firmly believe that we can see through and see around the bend in the corner now. We have a vaccination and an economy that’s really starting to recover and rebound already just nine months into this. We have a stock market that’s exploding, new stimulus coming from the federal government and new leadership.

There’s a lot of things to get us excited about that portend and indicate that 2021 will really be a super strong year for so many Americans and hopefully people across the world. So I want to challenge you to do your personal inventory to take time aside before the holidays kick in, when we’re taking time off and to take and create and hold space for yourself to take inventory professionally and personally, to see where you did well.

Think about both the science of real estate, the inputs that produce the outputs, as well as the art, which is all about personal branding and everything we teach here at sophisticated agent. So anyway, without further ado, I hope you have a joyous, a very healthy and a fun and rewarding holiday season, no matter what type of holiday you celebrate. I hope you do it with those that you love with your family, your friends, and you take some time for yourself too, again, as always to your success, your happiness and your freedom. I hope you close this year out strong and you have a wonderful holiday. Be ready to really, really take things to a new level next year and make it your best year ever. Thanks so much. And we’ll talk to you soon.

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