If you are looking to create passive income and legacy wealth through investing in real estate, if you are looking to build the required skills and confidence to be able to invest confidently, safely and successfully, if you’re looking for the mentorship and support to enter an area with unlimited opportunity, then the Sophisticated Investor Mastermind might be for you.

I started this exclusive and high-level Mastermind for both current investors as well as people who would like to become real estate investors. I have curated a best-in-class group of people who are looking to build income, wealth, and freedom through investing in real estate across all different property types and strategies.

I have put together a program and a community, an educational skill development platform, methodology, and world-class, international network, that will help you build passive income, legacy wealth, and expand your freedom and financial and life independence as a result.

The problem I hear most often from the average person looking to create financial and life independence….is that they would like to build more income, particularly passive income streams, grow their net worth and create wealth that can be generational and legacy wealth, but that they don’t know how to do this reliably, safely and successfully.

The specific problems that I most often hear from current real estate investors or those looking to become a real estate investor, is that they do not have access to expert-level, practitioner verified education, practical skills, both hard and soft skills, mentorship from somebody who has actually done this successfully across different areas of commercial real estate investing, and that they do not have access to deal opportunities specifically as well as a network and a strategy to access the capital markets to finance and close on deals.

This is not unique. In fact most amateur and semi skilled real estate investors are fundamentally lacking in all of these areas. They might try to dabble in investing passively by giving their money to a friend who is buying a duplex or triplex, or a small apartment complex, or possibly invest in real estate investment trust stocks, or other strategies. But they don’t have a solid strategy, expert mentorship and support, or a network and community to help facilitate their goals of being a successful real estate investor.

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What often happens is that people end up investing in the wrong things, losing money and assuming unnecessary levels of risk. This causes both financial loss as well as loss of confidence that they can do this successfully and effectively on their own. They start to think that maybe they should just stick to their day job, blindly turn their money over to their financial planner, and be comfortable and content with mediocre, low-single digit annual returns.

They start to think maybe real estate investing is not for them, maybe it really does take a full time professional to do this successfully. They would need to quit their day job and career to do this effectively, they often think incorrectly.

This causes them to stay content at living in a lower level of lifestyle, to put a damper and a ceiling on their ambition and their goals both financially and otherwise, and settle into a level of comfort that is far below their potential and capability. If only they had the right knowledge, skills, mentorship, and support…they might be able to really achieve their financial and larger life goals.

I can relate to this feeling, as I once felt this same way. I had invested a lot of time and energy into the practice of learning about real estate investing, but I still didn’t have the confidence or the success to call myself a true real estate investor. Until I really took it seriously, committed to my goals and my vision, and enrolled into the world’s premier graduate level masters program for real estate finance and investment at New York University.

I realized I had to get the best training in the world and expand my network with faculty that was practitioners in the center of the real estate and financial world in New York City. So I did just that. I also took on my first large-scale investment opportunity and successfully repositioned a destination luxury resort, turning it around in less than 3 years to go from bankrupt to the #1 resort and hotel as a boutique destination hospitality property in the entire region.

I took on and got more involved than other real estate deals, in the multi-family residential sector, with my work as the Senior Vice President of Acquisitions at Odessa Realty Investments out of New York City. over the course of four years we acquired over 2,000 apartment units and made some markets across the United States which accounted for over $200,000,000  dollars in real estate acquired, owned and managed in the portfolio.

All the while I continued to grow my luxury brokerage team and become exposed to additional investment opportunities, projects, and investors through expanding my network in the industry.

What I learned through all of this is that it takes an open mind, a willingness to put yourself in circles and around people that can teach you and mentor you who have been there and done what you want to do and accomplish yourself. It is also critical to remain teachable and coachable, to not be afraid to invest money and time to develop your skill set and confidence to become a successful investor, and then be in a position to experience all of the payoffs and rewards that this brings. Because this truly changed my life in so many monumental ways.

So what I’ve developed is a proven process, a methodology, strategy, and approach, to building systematic wealth and freedom through investing in real estate. I have combined my years in the industry, my different roles and capacities as an investor, developer, broker, and teacher and mentor, to create a world-class platform and program to teach the exact blueprint and system I developed and implemented to build wealth and freedom in my life through investing in real estate.

What gets me really excited about this is that now I get a chance to teach and empower other people to do the same thing to transform their lives through this amazing industry and vehicle called real estate.


If this sounds like something you are interested in and are willing to commit capital, time and focus, then you too can experience the amazing payoffs that this will yield. These payoffs include but are not limited to:

    Build passive income streams through building a personal portfolio of income producing real estate assets

    Build long-term generational wealth by building a portfolio of passive income streams that will benefit your heirs and family for generations to come

    Build lasting durable freedom and independence in your life, so that you can live the life of your dreams and achieve your vision for your  best life

    Create a life on your terms that is based on freedom and choice, flexibility in your schedule, time, travel, and what you choose to do with your time and who you choose to spend it with

    Build a strong reputation and create status with your success as a real estate investor and real estate entrepreneur

    Build lifelong skills and grow your confidence to continue to scale and elevate your deal size, income, wealth and freedom

    Expand your network to a truly international group of world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and practitioners. Transform your life and your wealth.


    Experience a world-class curation at our in-person, exclusive events at extraordinary locations with a highly designed curriculum led by Keir himself, along with guest speakers, breakouts, and lifestyle activities



    Live 2-Day In-person Event

    Experience this exclusive live event at Keir’s luxury destination resort Great Pines in Upstate NY.

    Live 1-Day In-Person Event

    Experience the exclusive live event in New York City hosted by Keir

    1 Virtual Summit

    Learn through the virtual summit with industry-leading experts and hosted by Keir.

    Deal-Level Review by Keir for 1st Real Estate Investment Project

    Mitigate your risk, hyper-charge your success and solidify a solid strategy with direct deal-level review and recommendations by Keir.

    Discounted Courses from The Freedom & Wealth Series

    Develop new skills and strategies to elevate your success in investing & life.

    Monthly Mastermind Virtual Meetings

    Connect, interact, discuss and be coached through our live virtual group coaching sessions hosted by Keir.

    Private Facebook Group

    Network, learn and get ideas through exclusive access to the Sophisticated Investor Mastermind private Facebook group.


    Free Live Inspired! Personally Signed and Dedicated Book

    Receive a personally-signed book from Keir.

    Option to Attend The MIPIM World RE Event Invite as Keir’s Guest

    Experience a world-class trip of a lifetime to the world’s preeminent real estate conference in the South of France with Keir.

    Up-level Your Network Through Keir’s International Sphere of Influence

    Benefit from expanding your network of investors, partners and high-level entrepreneurs through the concept of “proximity is power”.

    Compress Your Time to Success and Learn the Blueprint From Someone Who Has Already Done It

    Learn directly from Keir, who is a successful real estate entrepreneur and investor.*

    Exposure and Access to World Class Speakers and Practitioners

    Access exclusive, world-class, industry-leading experts through guest speakers and content.

    *Keir holds a Masters in Real Estate Finance and Investment from the world’s premier advanced real estate graduate program at New York University and is Senior VP of Acquisitions at Odessa Realty Investments, and founder and president of several other real estate and lifestyle companies he has started.





    Learn how to locate, evaluate, underwrite, operationalize and capitalize hotel, resort, and other hospitality properties confidently.


    Learn how to locate, evaluate, strategize, understand competitive landscape and conduct market analysis, underwrite fully, operationalize and capitalize various residential multifamily property investments confidently.


    Learn how to locate, evaluate, underwrite, find partners for, understand leases, reposition and capitalize various commercial properties such as office, industrial, and mixed use properties confidently.


    Before committing to the program, discuss the details in a private call with Keir to help establish the best path forward for your financial growth.


    “Keir Weimer is an inspiring real life example of the ultimate comeback story. He learned how to change his life and this is your chance to allow him to help you change yours.”

    — Rory Vaden, New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

    “Keir Weimer’s successes were built on a foundation of resilience and unwavering vision.”

    — Hilary Billings, Keynote Speaker and on-camera host at Red Carpet Confidence

    “Keir’s story is powerful and he has generously opened up about his difficult past. He can guide thousands to their own freedom and a better life.”

    — Nick Onken, Celebrity Photographer


    Keir Weimer is an internationally recognized real estate and lifestyle entrepreneur. Having started and grown multiple businesses, Keir has a passion for entrepreneurship and novel ideas. As an author, speaker and high performance coach, Keir is most excited about sharing his expertise and insights with the world, to help others live inspired and free every day. When not creating and growing his business ventures, Keir loves to travel the world, create new experiences and connect with others. Keir is based in out of New York City and Upstate NY.

    Dear Future Sophisticated Investor Mastermind Member,

    I invite you to schedule a private call with me personally, so we can discuss whether or not this is a fit for you, and if you’re ready to take your income, wealth, freedom, and your future to a whole new level.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    To your future wealth, success and happiness,

    Keir Weimer



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