I am in the mountains with some family for a few days, the place I love. Wanted to come to you with my weekly message and talk to you about how you can earn more business by simply asking for the opportunity to serve.

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By that I mean, oftentimes realtors, brokers, you know, we get a little bit intimidated sometimes by the process or by being too “salesy” or by self promoting enough. But here’s the thing that I’ve realized is that when we come from a place of service, when we come from a place of wanting to really address and solve the problems that our clients have, whether they’re buying, selling or investing in real estate, and when we put their need and their problems first, all of a sudden it becomes alot easier for everybody and we end up winning more business and signing up more clients, whether they be buyers or sellers.

So I want to encourage you to simply ask for the business

Simply call and set an appointment, set the intention of what you’re trying to achieve at that appointment. Go into it with a plan, right, with an agenda, with a purpose, understand through discovery, through asking pointed questions.

What it is that they’re struggling with, what are they looking to accomplish, what are their goals if they’re buying, selling or investing in real estate this year. And then, start to talk about how you can help serve them, right? How you could provide a solution, how you could bring a service based approach to helping them in fulfilling their goals in this process.

And then similarly at the end, you know, I don’t believe in a real elaborate scientific close structure. I don’t, I simply lean in by building rapport, demonstrating value and understanding what their problem is. Then I lean in and ask for the business, it’s that simple sometimes. I’d ask for the chance to serve them, to help achieve their goal, to give me the honor and the privilege to be their agent.

9 times out of 10, I walk away with a client. Sometimes we simply need to lean into it guys and ask for the business, right? Which helps us grow our client list, confidence and serve more people at a higher level.

So quick message this week. It’s five degrees out here freezing on a frozen Lake. Hopefully this was of some value. If it was, leave me a comment below, like share this with somebody else that could benefit from it. And it’s always to your success, your happiness and your freedom, hope all is well. And we’ll talk to you next week.

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