Hey guys, Keir here coming to you live for our weekly message here. I’m standing on the dock of our new hotel, our latest project here on the shores of Lake Placid. Whiteface mountain behind me. World-class skiing, amazing like really cool spot. And I hope this finds you well here on this Wednesday.

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So this week I want to talk about this, the importance and the critical nature of why your personal brand as a real estate agent will determine either your success or failure in this new market. And the reason why this is so important is we’ve never had a more crowded market than we have right now.

We’ve never had more competition, more agents and less listings

We’ve never had the level of liquidity and the level of contraction in the supply and the inventory of homes that we have now. So what that’s creating is both enormous pressures and enormous opportunities. And the ones that dial in and understand the importance of differentiation of cutting edge in the market of finding their unique strengths and value proposition and positioning themselves as an expert are the ones that are going to clean up continually and reliably list the best properties in their market and take the most sales and income revenue home out of all the agents out there that you’re competing against.

Because here’s the thing it’s happening more and more markets across the country that agents are becoming a little commoditized. Commission rate compression is really putting downward pressure on the amount of money that we’re able to charge for our livelihood, right?

And the ones that are standing out, the ones that are not trading away their commission just to land a listing the ones that are, you know, the top agents in the market that you see pulling in and raking in all the good listings and the sales, are the ones that understand the value of making the unique, personal real estate agent brand different, unique, and compelling.

So I want to impart to you the importance of this, going to be focused on finding your unique strengths, finding the things that make you different, finding the personality traits, the ways in which you conduct your practice. The presentation value, the presentational assets, the ways in which you present both digitally and in person, and find a way to make that new, unique and compelling and different. That’s how you cut an edge. That’s how you become, you know, worthy of conversation.

That’s how you get inquiries, and that’s how you get a seat at the table, frankly, right? And that’s how I did this and how I grew an inventory of over $30 million in high-end luxury listings my first year with no experience competing against 30 year veteran agents in my market is because I created a personal brand and differentiated myself.

I started to create an option and an alternative and a choice in the marketplace for consumers, and that created a ton of inbound leads.

So I hope you understand the importance of this. That’s why I’m coming to talking to you about the importance of making sure you prioritize, creating and developing and growing your unique, personal real estate agent brand, because it’s really going to be a difference maker on whether or not you’re successful capturing this new consumer in this new market, or you’re not.

So let me know if you found this valuable, let me know if you need some help understanding and gaining clarity around your personal real estate agent brand. It’s a lot of what we do here at sophisticated agent as well, is help people gain clarity and build a compelling rock solid brand that helps them elevate to become the number one agent in the market, and as always to your success, your freedom, enjoy the day, seize the opportunity and build your personal real estate agent brand. We’ll talk to you soon.

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