If you’re an ambitious real estate agent, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and generate more leads, then I hope you get value from these videos.

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And I do these in a way which hopefully inspires, equips, trains, gives you ideas on how to take your business, your practice and your life to the next level. So this week I want to talk about how to stop chasing cold leads and rather start attracting warm prospects. Because this I think is a perennial problem and issue for agents, especially now with the emergence and the growth of the portals, Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com, all the other websites, right? That rent us space on their platform to buy cold leads that convert at a really low level, right? That’s the choice we do that, or we do the alternative.

The alternative is a longer term strategy. It takes time, patience and capital, but it’s a much better way to build your brand and business.

Invest in assets that you own, not space that you rent

You’ve probably heard of this in financial speak, right? Or in looking at the benefits of being a real estate agent, right? That we counsel clients of owning versus renting, right? There’s pros and cons to both. I’m a firm believer though, in a business sense, especially as an agent specifically, when we own our assets and our asset, really in the relationship based service business model, like being a real estate agent, our asset is our name. It’s our brand, it’s our service level. It’s our results. When we own our assets, the personal assets that make up our brand, our personal brand, right?

Own your assets

That can be website, IP, logo, trademark the way in which you present yourself on social media, your content strategy, the amount of traffic you’re generating organically and through paid ads, right? Those are assets. Those were essence that you own because you’re building them, the IP, the collateral, the digital web properties that you own, websites, social media profiles, email list. That now completely free of the power and influence of the portals and the other websites. You don’t have to play by their rules.

You can choose to not pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to chase these cold leads that convert at a low rate. Instead, you can start to connect and attract your ideal clients. The people that are resonating with your message, your content, your aesthetic, your presentation, your personal brand. And that’s everything. That’s how we elevate and cut an edge in the market. That’s how we differentiate, is we invest in assets that we own our personal brand.

And we start attracting our ideal clients, not simply chasing cold prospects. So hope we get some benefit from this quick message this week on the benefits again, of investing in your brand, building things that will attract your ideal clients, not just running space to chase cold prospects. Nobody wants to run a business long term like that. So please, please, please take note, do this, we know it works. It’s worked wonders in my business and team as we’ve risen to number one year over year. And it’s worked in the businesses of multiple clients that we teach here at sophisticated agent.

So hopefully you got some value, if you did drop me a comment, leave a like, share for somebody that could benefit too. And it’s always to your success, your happiness and your freedom. We’ll talk to you next week.

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