You’re getting ready to turn the page to close the chapter on 2020 here, this crazy year of the pandemic and start the new year 2021.

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To start it strong, on the right footing intentionally, and really treating this as the beginning of this new decade. I think a lot of us, while we had a lot of bright points, it was a tough year, right? In many ways. So I’m excited to turn that page, to really go into this next year 2021 with renewed enthusiasm, with a renewed commitment to my vision and my goals on what I want to achieve.

So today I want to talk about why your personal real estate agent brand it’s really going to create the difference between those that are successful and those that aren’t in the new real estate market ahead.

The main reason being is this, we’re undergoing a massive transformation in the real estate market between new technology, big tech and big money coming in and transforming the landscape, all the disruption with the market and the model that the pandemic brought in 2020 and increased competition with more and more agents over 1.3 million now in the US alone entering this business. For instance, there’s never been so much upheaval change and disruption. So what it’s going to take for those agents that are really committed to their success, that really want to build their business, grow their income, build wealth, and create financial and life freedom. The difference maker will be the strength of your personal real estate agent brand: your brand, you. The one asset we have the most control over is our brand.

It’s our reputation and how we’re perceived in the marketplace

With more and more competition and more and more people competing on price. In order to get business to secure listings, it’s more critical and pivotal right now than perhaps ever before, to dial in, to double down, into focus on building your personal real estate agent brand. The other reason is this consumers don’t work with companies that work with brands. Real estate, consumers, buyers, and sellers. Don’t work with companies. They work with personal brands.

Remember this is a relationship based business. Our reputation often precedes us or doesn’t. For example, it’s so important to have a plan on how you want to build, enhance and grow your personal brand. Couple of quick questions to ask yourself, do you even have a personal brand that you’ve thought about that you’ve been intentional about creating content, assets, photography, videography, the aesthetic and the visual with which you present yourself to the world and digitally online. On your website, your social media profiles, with the content that you create and push out into the market.

  • How much thought has gone into this?
  • Do you have a cohesive strategy?
  • Have you invested time, capital and energy in this?
  • Have you created professional assets around it?

These are questions to ask yourself. I strongly encourage you to invest the time, the money and the resources now. Then, the next month or two to really build this out in this next year. The difference maker between those that are really successful in this real estate business and those that aren’t, I firmly believe moving forward will be the strength of the personal brand that you create. Moreover, the disruption is only going to continue. Competition is only going to get heavier.

Standout in a crowded market

Those that stand out will be the ones that cut an edge in the market that speak to the needs and the aspirations of their ideal clients. And that build a residual strong and repeat business based on a strong personal brand. So hopefully you got some value from this. If you did go out there, invest the time, the energy and the money in building your personal real estate agent brand, because remember that’s going to be the difference maker between who’s really successful in this business.

Remember not even just Pareto, 80/20 to 90/10. 10% of agents produce over 90% of the income in any market. That’s going to be the difference maker. Therefore, invest the time, the energy be intentional. Be serious, be diligent about your personal real estate agent brand. As always to your success, your freedom, your happiness love coming to you with some wisdom here. Hopefully get some value from it. If you did, shoot me a comment, share this with somebody who could also benefit. And we’ll talk to you guys soon.

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