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Today, we’re going to talk about how knowing yourself and taking personality tests can help you become a better real estate agent or investor. The reason I know this is that over the course of my career, I’ve really spent a lot of time, energy and resources and understanding myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my proclivities, and tendencies., all of that.

Identify where you need to improve, dial in and push more

It’s also helped me understand and better identify the personality of others. So it’s allowed me to become more persuasive in my presentations, interactions, relationships, sales pitches, etc. I firmly believe that once we understand ourself really well, strip the artifice down, we become really honest and self reflective and introspective. It allows us to achieve a degree of self awareness that can be truly empowering and be a huge benefit to our career.

Personality tests that I found very valuable are the Myers Briggs, disc test, and the Kolbe personality tests. A couple of those are free. The Kolbe is a small fee, I believe under $50. It’s going to ask you a series of questions and it’s best if you’re really honest in answering these questions.

Leave your ego at the door!

Focus those areas of improvement, things that you might not like about your personality, the responses in the tests and the analysis that it will spit back to you after you answer these questions, hopefully honestly, and very transparently.

Identify those areas and then create a plan to improve them, then switch the focus to the areas of strength, your superpowers, the things that you’re naturally good at, your skills, your strengths or passions.

We’re going to encourage you to develop those and push harder in those area. By doing these exercises and tests and analyzing the reports, it’s going to do a few things for you.

It’s going to help you better understand yourself. It’s going to also help you identify traits, attributes, strengths and weaknesses in other people. As a result, it’s going to help you be a better communicator and better listener. This will help you better understand the dispositions, the reactionary tendencies, the proclivities of the people that you interact with, whether they be prospects, customers, clients, associates, vendors, partners, etc.

And as a result of us doing this in our businesses, it’s allowed me to be a more persuasive professional. It’s allowed me to better understand what is going to resonate with the person on the other side of the table. Are they going to be coming at things from more of a data standpoint for more of a factual and analytical one, or are they going to be more focused on rapport and trust and really liking who they might do business with?

These are the nuances, right of interactions, relationships, and presentations. They can really make or break the success or the failure of that presentation, of that relationship and interaction.

It’s important to understand yourself first so that you can better understand others as a real estate agent

These tests have helped me better identify the strengths and weaknesses and become a better real estate agent and a better real estate investor. I’ve become a better business owner and entrepreneur are the Myers Briggs, the disc test, and the Kolbe.

So hopefully this has been helpful and valuable. If you’ve got any value from this, please leave a comment below, like this, share it with somebody that can really benefit from understanding their selves better. They can in turn, understand their prospects, customers, clients, associates, vendors, partners, and everybody else in their life better. I assure you this will help you become a better real estate agent and investor, and a better professional overall. Thank you so much, into your success and happiness. We’ll talk to you soon.

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