Where to find the photographer and videographer that’s going to really help you take your personal real estate agent brand to the new level and new heights. The value of high quality professional photography and videography to promote my own personal brand, my listings, the lifestyles and destinations is so important.

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When I embraced this and started to employ it in my marketing, my sales, income, and brand took off. The reason being this, we’re visual creatures, things are either visually appealing to us, or they’re not.

Most agents don’t put any time, design, thought, effort or money into photography and videography

Many still taking photos with their phone of their listings, and they’re not doing anything with a high quality, high attention to detail and aesthetic. And I don’t just mean of your listings. More importantly of highlighting you, your brand, expertise, market, destinations, attractions, and lifestyles that you represent as well.

This is important to develop updated new, fresh, and modern marketing assets that you can build out and update your website with your social media profiles with, your email campaigns and blasts with, your targeted print, all of the things you do in your marketing mix. It needs to be powered and built on the foundation of high quality and engaging visual assets.

Where to find this person

This is tough to do you want to find somebody on a budget who does high quality work. Here’s a couple tips of where you find this photographer and videographer. We’ve obviously used several professional agencies, which can be expensive. However, we have recently been using interns. We found the best talent is looking at local colleges, both community colleges, state, and private for somebody who has a background in photography and videography, somebody who understands modern editing software, ideally Adobe products. Someone who understands editing and post-production. It’s not just about being an artist. It’s about being a modern artist that understands how to edit and produce a final digital product.

We’ve been able to attract these people to apply to a position as a “digital videographer” or “digital strategist” or “photographer.” We usually contact internship and career offices and post on their job boards.

We also do targeted very low cost boosted Facebook and Instagram posts, which also produces several applications. And we use a service cost wizehire.com. You can post all in syndicate on all these different job boards and find interns that are willing to do this work for free often to build their resume, get exposure, and have a chance at more paid work. Now, when you move into the paid work, it can be done on a per project basis. Oftentimes we can get great photography, great shoots of ourself for agent branding, as well as videos in the couple hundred dollar range.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars using the big agency model

The younger demographic is often more talented. They’ve often grown up and understand social media application. Video editing trends, music, composition. They do quicker work, oftentimes better work for far less cost. You’ve got to get resourceful. Start with this one admission, the value of high quality photography and videography to your brand can be a game changer and the difference maker in whether or not you’re going to stand out and become and rise up to be the go to agent in your market and your niche.

Are you going to fall into the sea of other agents and mediocrity? You need to find a way to elevate and stand out. The way to do that is through high quality, consistent, consistently creative produced photography and videography assets in your real estate agent, personal brand development.

If you got value from this, please share this, send a comment, shoot me a DM.. And like it, share it, get it out there. Let me know how it affected you and whether or not you are going to embrace this idea. Find a high quality photographer and videographer to take your personal real estate agent brand to new levels. To your success, to your happiness, to your future and your freedom. We’ll talk to you next week.

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