I’m starting to do a lot of my fourth quarter planning because it’s starting very soon here. As you probably know Q4 is October, November, and December. Since it’s the last quarter of the year I want to ask everybody, what are you guys doing to be intentional about your planning so you accomplish all of your 2019 goals in this last final stretch?

We use this system called The 12 Week Year. It’s a great goal setting, achievement, and tracking software platform. Also a New York Times bestselling book. Our teams are going through a planning process over the next week or so, using this methodology. I’m focusing on the intentions, priorities, and top-level goals that we’d like to accomplish in the fourth quarter. From there we’re going to build out a strategy with tactics and actual steps to make sure that we execute and can accomplish those goals. What we need to do is become very clear on where we want to go and then build a strong plan so we can develop and marshal the resources. The people, the technology, and the capital that’s going to be required. These will enable us to execute and implement the steps to make sure we accomplish our goals.

Intentional Planning Brings Results

So what are you guys doing to plan for the fourth quarter? Hopefully, you have an actual process, methodology, or framework. We like to use The 12 Week Year. It’s a very easy to use system. There’s a software platform as well that really helps, or you can just use the book and workbook. So be really intentional about planning for the fourth quarter here. This is the final stretch of 2019. Set yourselves up for some great momentum going into 2020. It’s important to not slow down when we get towards the end of the year, but rather speed up. So set up a good platform from which to springboard into the new year.

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