Besides the hefty price tag, what is it that really distinguishes a luxury property from other properties? Traditionally, it has been about the size. However, today buyers have other features in their sights. Some of the most sought-after features include internal areas and land size, quality finishes, privacy, location, views, and outlook. A sales agent has little idea as to why a buyer is purchasing a particular property. Therefore, it is difficult to say if there’s any standout feature that a buyer is seeking without asking them directly.

In this article, I will provide you with key components that you must anticipate when dealing with luxury properties:

The “wow” factor: The real estate agent must understand that “wow” factor is the key to selling a home. Luxury properties must need something buyers aren’t used to seeing in everyday homes. This can be the technical set-up, the amazing finishes, or the design. Putting them all together definitely creates a “wow” factor. However, it must also be remembered that unusual features such as a statue might fail to allure buyers into buying the property as they are much too flashy.

Spectacular views and location: Another common expectation from buyers includes spectacular views. Stunning scenes of the ocean or city skylines that are seen through floor-to-ceiling windows are some of the key expectations from the buyers. Besides, buyers also want to know that the street is well regarded. The decent amount of land size and an outdoor entertainment area is expected by the buyers. Additionally, buyers’ expectation also includes a kitchen that merges with the outdoors and becomes a key entertainment area.

Luxury designs and finishes: Needless to say that the fittings and furnishings of a luxury property need to be of extremely high quality. Real estate agents must keep in mind that luxury buyers stay in five and six-star hotels across the world and expect the same amenities when they are at home. A walk-in wardrobe, a separate section for high heels, and handbag display certainly put a property into the luxury category.

Leading Technology: Real estate agents must ensure that the luxury property is updated with leading-edge technology. Buyers expect the property to include a smart home system, a cinema room, and gym.

Every one of these components needs to be understood by the real estate agent if he/she wants to get the best price for the home. Besides, most people want to look at the listing before they schedule a viewing – whether a buyer finds your home online or through contacts of your real estate agent. A quality listing must contain pictures and a video tour of the property. Well, luxury homes deserve exceptional professional photography. Selling luxury real estate demands the real estate agents to take a different approach. Dealing with above-mentioned factors will certainly help you in selling luxury properties.

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