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What is your unique selling point for your personal real estate brand? Think about that for a minute. What is your unique selling point for your personal real estate agent brand? You know, most agents don’t give much thought to this. Most agents haven’t even created a personal brand. Most agents don’t know, or can clearly articulate with purpose succinctly and in a convincing way. What makes them different?

What Differentiates YOU From Other Agents?

Why would a prospective client, a buyer or seller should choose to work with you versus all the other options out there in the marketplace. So we really need to start with this, ask yourself what unique selling point makes you different. What is the unique differentiator for you and your personal real estate brand?

So I want to back up and tell a little bit of a story about when I started in this business. When I started this business, I knew acutely from the beginning that I needed to be different. I needed to do things differently. I needed to stand out and find a way to rise above the noise and to gain attention. We have to be able and be comfortable with a certain degree of self promotion in this business, because at the end of the day, it is a branding business.

We are in the game of marketing, not just properties for our clients, but marketing ourselves. So for me, I realized, okay, I have no experience starting out, I’m competing against established 20 and 30 year agents with a track record, sales, testimonials, you name it, an established network. What am I going to do to stand out? So I thought long and hard. What were some of the things that I wanted to be known for that I wanted my personal brand to be focused on the unique features and selling points of my individual value proposition.

How could I be different? So I thought, you know what? I really want to target the high end. I want to work with high end clients, high price point listings, luxury homes, and high price point buyers. So we’re going to do that and to do that successfully, I realized I had to develop a level of sophistication in everything that I do. By that I mean, end to end white glove service above and beyond the expectations that my clients had for me, which going to be paramount.

Embrace and Develop a Sophisticated Approach to the Business

This means in our marketing, the aesthetics, the professional imagery and video we use to tell compelling stories about the properties that we represented and sold. As well as about myself and my team. I needed to be sophisticated in the use and implementation of technology to do our job better, more efficiently and more effectively for our clients.

Sophistication was probably my number one differentiating point or selling feature of my personal real estate agent brand, because it allowed me to do things differently from all the other agents that weren’t focused on developing and delivering a sophisticated client experience, incorporating the latest sophisticated technology and coming across with a cohesive brand strategy and aesthetic, that was sophisticated. Nobody was doing that. So that right there set me apart. That was my differentiating feature.

My one unique selling point that helped me cut an edge in the market and stand out among all the other more experienced agents around me. And as soon as I was able to do that, gain some listings, sell those listings, parlay those in the new listings build a portfolio, a team things started to grow because remember momentum works in both ways. When you’re growing, you’re developing, you’re building your brand and your business, you can really get into that groove and that momentum, and continue to grow and feed on itself and it gets more and more growth.

But remember, it can also work in the other direction. So when we’re not intentional, when we’re not developing our personal real estate agent brand day in and day out, it’s going to show. We’re going to be haphazardly getting some successes, followed by several failures and losses. We’re going to get some clients and some wins followed by other losses and not achieving our true potential in this business and in life. So ask yourself this question again.

What is Your Unique Selling Feature of Your Personal Real Estate Agent Brand?

Achieve clarity around that. Spend some time finding the intersection again of your strengths, what you’re really good at in this business, with your passions, what you really want to do. Find where they meet and start to identify who that ideal client is, and then start to rough out, sketch out, you know, put some bullets down on a piece of paper.

What are some of those unique selling points that would be unique to you, different for you, things that you could refine, articulate and convey in your marketing collateral, your communication strategy, in person, email, text, et cetera, to stand out. Remember we have to do things differently in a unique way that creates a contrast, a choice, a binary A or B. Otherwise we’re going to really have trouble standing out and excelling and succeeding in this business as a real estate agent.

So ask yourself again, what differentiating point, what unique selling point do you have in your personal real estate agent brand? And if you can’t answer that succinctly and confidently, spend some time working on until you can, because it’s going to be absolutely critical to your success as a top performing real estate agent.

Hopefully this was helpful. If you got value from this, please drop a comment below, like share this with other people that get value from this that are looking to really excel, elevate their business, their career, and their life as a real estate agent, and again, to your success and happiness until next time.

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