Hey everybody. Keir coming to you here with a message that is really important to me. It’s become a part of my life and strategy, and something that I think can help a lot of you guys in your practice to increase your impact, and that is this: use the stage. Use public speaking to advance and amplify your message, your reach, and create a greater impact.

Connecting With Your Audience

It’s not in our comfort zone to be speaking publicly. Some of us actually dread it. I personally love it. I really am in my element when I’m up there on a stage connecting with an audience, delivering some kind of value and message and content. A lot of us don’t, and I understand that. But think about different contexts or settings where you can have that much of an intimate relationship in conversation, in connection with a person, an individual or a group. It’s actually really hard to find a better setting to do that, meaning in this digital world with online mediums and connections on webinars, and social media, and different ads and things like that, print and digital. We can make an impression, but not the same way as if we’re speaking to them directly. if we’re sharing something, getting up on a stage and we are vulnerable, and coming from a place of truth and honesty, it will deliver a more valuable message.

Today, I’m in Nashville at one of our brand consulting groups quarterly events. We’re focusing this one on developing our keynote speech, which is again our signature talk that really can deliver impact and reach and move an audience to take action. For me, it’s a very personal story. It’s one of redemption, one of overcoming odds, challenges, and adversity, and inspiring others to take action. To break through whatever circumstances they’re in, whatever negative self talk or narratives or mindsets that they might be captive in, and to really step into their greatness. To really push themselves, to reach and live their potential, and to commit relentlessly to their vision in order to do so.

We Can All Use the Stage

This is what I’m focusing on. Whether we’re real estate agents, business owners, or entrepreneurs, think about using the stage and very strategic, calculated ways of connecting with an audience in a speech. This could be a small group, it could be a team meeting with four, five people in a department, or it could be presenting to your entire company at a sales meeting. It could even be speaking to a non-profit group that’s important to you, at your local church or a sports event, or it could be getting up in front of hundreds of people or even thousands of people like I’m working toward now. I’m working towards expanding my audience, reach, and impact, and delivering a heartfelt keynote signature talk. It doesn’t even have to be an organized, strategic talk. It can be delivering a talk from a stage where you’re connecting with more than one person, and carrying forward a message.

Scale Your Message

A really valuable way to scale your message, make a connection, reach people, have a greater impact, reach more people, and move people to action is to use the stage. Consider public speaking, consider stepping outside of your comfort zone more, and speaking to create an impact. That’s what I’m doing now that’s what I’m investing time and money in, that’s why I’m here in Nashville. I’m super excited to be here, and wanted to share that with you guys. Hopefully you took something away from it. Have an awesome day, and I’ll connect with you guys soon.

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