Hey guys, coming to you here from Mirror Lake in up in Lake Placid. It’s a beautiful, non-motorized lake up in the central part of the high peaks region of the Adirondack Park in New York. I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of retreats to get into your creative mode, your flow state, and where you can really create context. For me, I came up here late last night. I’m going to be here for two full days in a beautiful setting creating world-class content, training, and curriculum for clients and Sophisticated Agent, our training and education company.This course is designed to help take an agent’s business to the next level, brand and market themselves, and to level up their average sale price, average income, and build wealth, freedom, and reputation into their real estate business. There are many benefits of being in a very conducive, natural and quiet setting that’s away from your day to day business, your day to day life. When we do that we’re able to free ourselves from the challenges, inputs, and distractions of running our businesses.When you’re able to do that, it helps you start to move the needle. For this reason, you’ve got to dedicate focused time in a beautiful, quiet setting with no distractions. This will enable you to further drill into your objective, get creative, and step outside of the day to day rat race at work. Doing so will help you to really advance your business, idea, or new project. You need that time and space for this so make sure you create it. You owe it to yourself. Make sure that you actually block out time and create that space around you to free yourself from distractions so that you can focus on creation. It’s very hard in our digital world to actually find and protect time to generate ideas, focus, and be in a creative state.The moral of this story and the reason why I wanted to share this with you is that it’s important to me. Sometimes you need a pattern interruption, a disruption to your day to day routine. You’re in the same setting, doing many of the same things every day. So to really have breakthroughs you need to change things up. So please take this advice and try it in your own life. Take some time and realize that you deserve it. Take personal retreats, focus on creation to have breakthroughs, and move the needle in your business and in your life. Thanks again, and have an awesome end of the week!

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