Hey guys, Keir coming to you live here from the Summit of Greatness, Lewis Howes‘ event in Columbus, Ohio. We’re about to go in for the afternoon session and I wanted to share my weekly message. We’ve listened to so many great speakers, there’s an awesome level of energy, a lot of good takeaways, and some amazing breakthroughs. So my message today is something I’m really feeling  from a couple of the speakers this morning, which is this: we need to  step into our fear. Those places of discomfort. The places that we don’t want to address. We need to do the tough things that we sometimes procrastinate or delay getting done. This is how we start to build inner strength, confidence in ourselves, and create momentum. Even if we’re not perfect.

Break Your False Narratives

We all have fears, insecurities, negative stories, and narratives that we tell ourselves. When we start to address those we start to break those false narratives, those false stories, and those false realities. We start to see results. We start to see growth because it changes the way we think. Our thoughts become our life. So start to reprogram how you think. Start stepping into positive thoughts. Find the encouraging thoughts in your life. These narratives will support us in our vision and our mission.

Address You Fears

Finally, address your fears and insecurities. Only when we do that confidently, courageously, and show up with conviction can we truly break free and  achieve new levels of success and personal growth. That’s why we’re here today at the Summit of Greatness. That’s why I’m wearing a shirt that says be great. We’re striving to get better, grow, breakthrough, and address the things that are holding us back from reaching the next level. Hopefully this message resonates with you and can have a positive impact on your life.

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