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As we all get back into the groove and start to get into our business and life plans for this new year and this new decade, I’ve been thinking a lot about what gets neglected this time of year.

We need to remember that some of our goals should revolve around, and really center upon, developing and building new skills. Meaning learning something new that can help us better achieve our goals.

Reaching our goals is a process. It takes investments in new skill development, learning something new, or getting better at something that you’ve already started to achieve our goals.

So for instance, in a real estate capacity, if you’re looking to do more work in the high end and you want to list more high-end properties, one key skill you’re going to have to really work on developing is confidence. And that’s confidence to be able to talk to that more sophisticated clientele. That’s the confidence to be prepared to go into a presentation and really knock it out of the park. That’s the confidence to ask and both ask and answer those tough questions that you’re going to get. And that’s confidence in knowing that you can fulfill your promises, right? Your service delivery and your marketing promises to this potential client.

Another skill could be something more tactical or granular. It could be getting better with social media and technology. No matter what business we’re in, real estate or anything else, it is really the way things are headed in terms of dissemination of information, engagement, content creation, and consumption.

Maybe you’re not really comfortable getting in front of the camera and talking openly to people. So practice that, right? Get in front of a mirror. Get comfortable being uncomfortable because that is what leads to you being comfortable.

Another example could be working on an entirely new skill. So maybe if you’re in marketing, it could be developing a skill set on copywriting. Or building out some of the technology that supports different sales and marketing functions.

So whatever it is, think about what your goals are and then think about what skills are going to be required to actually achieve those goals. Make sure you’re investing time and money in developing those skills. Building them anew or developing what you are already proficient in so that you can become more proficient, more skilled, and even develop a level of mastery.

Don’t forget skill-building and behavioral development. So, so critical to getting closer to achieving our goals.


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