Hey guys. I want to take a couple minutes and come to you live from the ClickFunnels, Funnel Hacking Live Conference here in Nashville. We’re at the Gaylord Grand Opryland Resort which is a 2,000 room mega-resort. Kind of like a city under one roof, with all kinds of different restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment. It’s a really cool place actually. It’s big Vegas resort meets Disney World.

But that’s not the point. The reason I’m here is for a four day digital marketing event for an amazing company that’s changing the way marketers and sales people do business online. That company is ClickFunnels. So there’s almost 5,000 people here at this conference and I wanted to share a little bit of a message that was one of the big takeaways from today, at least in my businesses, and the reasons that I’m investing my time, capital, and energy in this conference.

That big takeaway is this. The benefit and value that we can gain if we always remain a student of our craft and of the world is amazing. Think about that. The benefits that we can gain if we always remain a student of our craft and the world. So for me, for instance, I learned a couple of things today that wouldn’t seem that monumental, or that much of a game changer, or a difference from what we’re already doing in some of our marketing plan automations and apparatus. Yet nonetheless, they were significant enough that when implemented, they could have a drastic impact and affect on our business and our ability to reach our ideal client who needs to hear our message and experience our value and product offerings.

Consistently investing in that, several times a year, being around amazing doers, movers, shakers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world in all different spaces and industries, and really trying to do the same thing to grow, learn, and elevate and do something new and different, is pretty inspiring. So I took away again, that I can learn something new, even if I think I’ve really mastered something. We’ve never quite mastered. I don’t think frankly in my opinion, I will ever reach a destination that I might strive for. I’m always searching, pushing the envelope, and working to grow and get further along. But every time I achieve my goals and things that I set out to do, I don’t rest back on my laurels and kick my feet up, I simply raise the bar and raise the level. What’s the next level that I want to break through to. All that is is inspiration and motivation to push harder, go further, grow stronger, and enlarge my vision.

So, that’s a little bit of my message today to you. Hopefully that resonated in some way. Again, awesome, awesome event here at Funnel Hackers, Funnel Hacking Live Conference 2019 in Nashville.

Chat with you soon. Take care, bye.

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