This time of unprecedented uncertainty presents a lot of challenges for us as real estate agents and brokers. And while we’re unsure where and when the market will return to some semblance of normalcy, and we’re all trying to find ways to interact to continue to do business, I wanted to share the three things that you can do right now to make more money in your real estate agent business.

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These three tactics are simple things that you can be focused on doing right now to help drive sales and make you more money. These are tried and true strategies that we’re incorporating in our day to day workflow on my team here at Engel and Volkers as a real estate agent and team leader.

Stimulate your network with useful assets

First, you can be stimulating your network by adding value, by showing leadership and thought leadership by showing empathy and concern. And by that I mean reach out by text, phone, email, create zoom meetings with people in your network, vendors, past clients, friends, acquaintances, people you’ve met at events, and of course buyers and sellers. And just check-in.

No sales directive, no intention of creating an appointment. But just checking in and showing empathy will go a long way. Stimulating your network and warming conversations that will eventually move to sales conversations.

Meet your five daily touchpoints

The second is to create at least five touch points per day. So like we just talked about: direct messages on Instagram or Facebook, text, email, a phone call, at least five a day with your network. Then try to create at least five video conferences/appointments using zoom, Skype, Facebook, whatever platform, doesn’t matter. Five video meetings per week. What this is going to do is, again, further stimulate your network. It’s going to allow you to be somebody who really shows and delivers concern, empathy, value, right?

And it’s gonna allow you to stay connected, because, at a time when we’re shrinking and our networks are shrinking, we need to be hypervigilant in stimulating our network, staying top of mind, and helping to add value wherever we can.

Create informed, disruptive ads

Lastly, something we’re doing that really is moving the needle and helping us to make more money is to creating disruptive ads. By that I mean creating a strategic hook that stops people in their tracks when they’re scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, our two favorite platforms now, probably still the most effective to generate buyer and seller leads.

Create disruptive ads where your headline can get somebody to stop scrolling because it speaks directly to a pain point, a desire, or an aspiration that they might have.

Do that and then create a flow where they’re going to go. A landing page. Maybe it’s a seller, they’re going to go to a page where they can find out the value of their home. If they’re a buyer, maybe they go to a landing page where they can fill out a simple contact form and learn more about all these different loan programs, what these low-interest rates mean, or how they can still tour homes virtually and safely in this time of crisis.

Creating these disruptive ads that can really position you as a thought-leader, somebody who’s bringing value to the discussion, entering the conversation that your ideal clients are having right now in this moment of uncertainty and despair. So get out there, stimulate your network, create five touchpoints per day, five video conferences or meetings per week, and create disruptive ads and social media: low cost, high-impact ads that add value and create discussions.

Because the biggest takeaway here that I can share with you is we have to stay front and center. We have to be connected. We have to remain in the center of the discussion and the transaction in order to elevate and to really come out of this stronger over the coming weeks and months of working as we did before in terms of showing properties, setting appointments, working with clients.

If you get any value from today’s message here on three things you can do to make more money right now in your real estate agent business that we’re putting to work in our business to see great results, then please share this blog post, or leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

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