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This week I’m down in Nashville with my marketing company, Brand Builders Group. And any time I’m out at events, when I’m at groups or masterminds, I want to take my knowledge, take the teachings, take the moments of introspection and revelation and share them with you guys.

So whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur like myself, whether you’re running a team, you’re in sales, marketing, any of that, we’re always looking to grow our reach, right? We’re looking to grow our customer base. We’re looking to grow our client book, and to grow and make more sales. 

So to do that, sometimes we focus on building our own unique audience, right? We want to go into that blue ocean and we want to kind of create our following and go out from the ground up. And while that’s important, sometimes it’s just as helpful to identify other audiences that other people and personal brands have built that are very similar to your audience. 

Meaning who like the same things, are buying the same products, hanging out in the same area, right? Because then we’re simply able to deliver and present ads right through Facebook, Instagram, Google, PaperClick, YouTube, et cetera to the established audiences or followings of key influencers, accounts, and companies.

So take, for example, you are selling something in the personal development space. You know, that’s one of the business areas that I focus on. And let’s say we have a coaching program or an inspirational product or something of that nature. Instead of just building up our audience from the ground, we could target other more established audiences that are likely to have an interest in what we’re offering. 

For instance, maybe look at other inspirational figures in the business and in the space, right? Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Lewis Howes. And we could do that then and get access to millions of followers and people in an audience that’s already established with similar interests and demographic and psychographics that would probably have an interest and potentially be a customer of ours. 

So again, we’re learning ways to not necessarily always have to build organically from the ground up, but to leverage the power of other people’s audiences and the established audience, right? They could be similar or a look-alike to ours. Simple, right? 

But sometimes we overlook that because it exists and it’s there and it’s an option of paid media. So that’s my message to think outside the box a little bit when you’re trying to grow your customers. Build. And grow sales. Get in front of new audiences in new markets where you can convert, add value, and make a sale. 

I’m going to come to you with some more tips on our social accounts. Again, if you don’t follow us, please do @KeirWeimer on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, et cetera. And I’ll be doing some updates with some hashtags from our brand builders group, high traffic strategies here.


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