Like most people, my career in real estate wasn’t immediately successful. I had invested a lot of time and energy into learning how to be a top-producing real estate agent, but after an entire year in the business, I was more than $40,000 in debt and still hadn’t made a sale. 

The problem I hear most often from agents looking to grow their business is s that they don’t know the right strategies to deploy. They feel overwhelmed by all of the technology, marketing changes, destructive forces out there, the competition, all the shiny objects, and they don’t even know where to really begin to tackle the mountain.

What most agents don’t realize is that in order to be successful in this business you have to develop core competencies and skill sets in several functional areas.

In the years since I started out as an agent, I have developed a proven approach to building systematic income, wealth, and freedom through growing and becoming the #1 Top Producing real estate agent at my luxury brokerage company and in my market year over year.


Enter New Markets, Elevate Your Brand, and Build Consistency Into Your Business

I have combined my years in the industry and my different roles and capacities as an agent, team leader and president, and associate broker to create a world-class program to teach the exact blueprint I developed and implemented to get to where I am today.

Now I get the chance to teach and empower other people to transform their lives through real estate. My 8-week course has helped agents to grow their income, wealth and freedom through real estate, and includes ongoing support upon completion. 

Interested in joining other best-in-class agents? You’ll learn my tips on: 

  • How to enter new markets, elevate your price point, and become the go-to premium agent in your market.
  • How to conquer the massive tech and marketing changes happening in the industry so that you can scale your growth and stay competitive.
  • The exact strategy that allowed me to list $30,000,000 in Luxury Real Estate my 1st Year.

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