Hey guys, coming to you live here with a quick message. This comes really on the cusp of spending more time investing in events, being around other people, expanding my network, exposure to new ideas, new innovations, and new things so that I can continue to feed my growth. Both as a leader, in my team, my brokerage business, my other businesses, and also personally.

So the message here is to really make sure that you’re spending time and money each week, each month, each year in getting outside of your market, outside of your day-to-day tasks. Get outside your comfort zone so that you can expand your network, meet new people, find new ideas, and expose yourself to bigger thinking. Then come back to your market, back to your business, and start to implement these new ideas that will have a positive effect on your business, growth, and results.

New Results Call for New Tasks & Responsibilities

In business (and real estate particularly) we get very bogged down in a lot of the day to day things that we have to do. We wear many different hats from accounting and marketing to sales, advertising, client relations, and transaction management. We must negotiate all these different functional things we do on a daily basis. While serving our clients, we often times don’t give adequate time, energy, and capital investment to working on our business and ourselves. Think about that. It’s a big difference. We’ve touched on this before. If you really want to do things differently, if you want to cut an edge in the market, if you want to find new ways to innovate and lead, you have to get outside of your comfort zone. Get outside of the things that have brought you the same results. Because if we keep doing those same things, if we keep running with the herd, we’re going to continue to get the same results.

So for me, this weekend we’re heading up to Vancouver in Canada for the Sotheby’s International Reality Global Networking Event. I’m super excited about seeing some of my colleagues, team leaders, and brokers from all over the world. For three days we have a bunch of high powered networking events, some great panels and speakers, dinners, and collaborations. What this allows me to do is further strengthen our network for referrals, buyers and sellers, and to elevate our brand’s presence and stature among the international global real estate community for luxury properties. We are exposed to new ideas on what’s really working in luxury marketing, digital marketing, team building, and other areas. We have tons of fun, and again, meet new people and old friends.

So that’s my message: make sure that you invest time and money in getting outside of your market, outside of your day to day tasks, and outside of your comfort zone to invest in meeting new people, exposing yourself to new ideas, and focus on growing by elevating. Get outside of what you typically do. Outside of that same routine.

Hopefully, that’s helpful, guys. Thanks, and we’ll be back with you next week!

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