I came down to Tulum, Mexico for a few days to really close out last year and to start this year on the right foot. To gain some clarity around what I really want to manifest and make it happen and create in my life here in 2021.

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And also take stock of what I’m grateful for in life with this last year, that was very difficult, right? For so many of us in so many ways. And what I’m super thankful for in life. I want to talk today about how you can make this year 2021 your best year yet. For me, as you know, and I’ve talked a lot about this this fall, because it’s something I really enjoy doing, goal setting, visioning, creating my life by design.

Architecting my future is something I take great pride in.

It’s something I spend a lot of time, energy, emotion, and resources investing in. And it’s something that I’ve tried to also help inspire you guys to do as well, because it works, bottom line. When you are intentional and diligent about creating and building a lifestyle and a life by designed by intention, by strategies that are proven to work. You’re not leaving things to chance. You’re not simply interested in your success in your optimization, but you’re firmly committed to it. And that’s the difference right? Between high performers and others. Those that are merely interested in being successful and achieving their goals. And those who 150% commit to making those goals reality. To manifesting the life of their dreams. So a couple of quick tips here on how to make this year, your best year ever. Make sure that you go into it with energy and intention.

Remember, energy is what drives us. It’s what fuels everything in life from our interactions with people, to our effectiveness at work and on our projects to our deliverables and timelines, to our ability to convince and persuade others. To either buy our product or service, to get on board with that idea, to have more influence and persuasion skill in life requires energy, a high level of energy.

Invest what you need into creating and maintaining a high level of energy each and every day

For me, I’m in one of the energy centers of the world here. It seems there’s so much positive energy and vibe. There’s people from all over the world has become, you know, a yoga and meditation Mecca, if you will. And for me, it’s been rejuvenating, replenishing. I spend a lot of time doing just that meditating, doing yoga, getting massages, walking and running on the beach, just sitting with myself and my thoughts being still. It’s helpful because it allows me to center and get excited. The calm before the storm of activity of massive action of really advancing things toward achieving my goals in 2021.

We need a great space and hold space for ourselves and for others in order to do that and be most effective. And, you know, it’s really important to make sure that you’re creating space in your life to do this. Also make sure that you finished your actual plan, right? We’ve talked about this and that prior on proceeding weeks, which is how to create really big goals and a strong vision for your life and for your career or business here in 2021.

Follow these and make sure that you’re backed by great strong improvement strategies and tactics, right? Make sure that you’re taking massive action each and every day and make sure, make sure that you’re also implementing the right success and health habits. Routines, habits, systems to ensure a high level of energy, a centered mind, and really clear and pure focus because it’s so easy to get distracted and so easy to fall back into bad habits.

It’s so easy to let those new year’s resolutions, which I hate because I feel like we don’t need to wait until the new year to create a resolution to live or think or act differently. Any day we can do that. But nonetheless, if that’s something you do, I don’t disparage it. Make sure it doesn’t fade in a few weeks or months. If you’re committed to health, fitness and nutrition, stay committed throughout the year and the rest of your life. Make it a new way of living.

It’s not just a fad

Not a fleeting commitment. It’s a lifestyle choice and commitment, right? That’s the difference. So anyway, these are a couple of ideas I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re excited about this new year 2021 is already turning out to be a good one. We’re six days in to your success, your happiness and your freedom. Give yourself space to focus on your goals, bring clarity around them and take massive action each and every day. Thanks so much. And we’ll talk to you next week.

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