I want to talk about the best ways in which you can use technology to drive sales in your real estate business and create better client experiences.

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Specifically, I want to address three fundamental, just three simple pivotal technology pieces, platforms, or solutions. However you want to call them that are really instrumental to making sure they’re installed correctly in your business. You’re using them regularly and you’re leveraging them effectively. So as you probably know, I know I can relate to this.

There’s so many different technology solutions and options for real estate agents

There’s things that will help you do anything better. However, what this often does is create overload. It creates that shiny object syndrome, we end up chasing things, adding solutions, spending time and not getting results. Not only are we increasing costs, we’re increasing adoption expense, which is the time involved in training and onboarding and getting familiar with a piece of technology.

And at the end of the day, when we strip it all back, there’s really just in my opinion, three key technology solutions or platforms you need in the three fundamental functional areas of your real estate agent business. And they are these. If you had only three to choose, these are the three I would choose.

One is a powerful and robust CRM client relationship management system. Two, a powerful social media content calendar, and scheduler. And three, an electronic document and e-signature platform. With these three, you can pretty much run your business, your real estate business. And you can do it effectively and efficiently to drive more sales and better conversion rates and a better client experience for your buyers and sellers in the process.

Have a strong and robust, connected CRM

One that connects to your calendar. Obviously, you know, Google, if you use it, ideally Google suite of apps, Google calendar, your Gmail, Google drive, all of that is really, really ideal. Or at least has an open API in the backend where they can connect to other platforms that you may use such as outlook, calendar, or other emailing platforms.

Now, one that I like the most, it’s not one that I get compensated for recommending, and I don’t have any affiliation is FollowUp Boss. I really like follow up boss, im using it for a couple of years now. We’ve tried most of the serums out there from top producer of the old clunky, you know, Cadillac of CRMs to, uh, we’ve used boy, remember now it’s been so long, a couple of other ones, but what I’ve found is that top producer is super intuitive, really clean interface. I love the user experience and dashboard. To me, that’s really important.

The aesthetic, the field, the ease of use really important for a CRM. Because when it’s easy to use or use it more. So follow up boss is great there. Connects with an open API to other apps, fully integrated to Google suite of apps, drive, email, calendar. It has full automation on email follow up, text follow up. It has in place actual BombBomb video tools. So I can shoot quick BombBomb videos within the emailing app, in my follow up boss app on my phone or on desktop and shoot them out to a client or a prospect. Super, super cool feature.

None of the other ones have that, that I believe so integrates with your email marketing software. We use BombBomb again. So it’s video emails right in there, read receipts, different notifications, full back end reporting on deals. So transaction management reporting, as well as lead reporting conversion, et cetera, really, really strong.

Remember this business is a relationship business

First and foremost, we need to cultivate, develop, maintain, and enhance the relationships we have with buyers, sellers, prospects, to clients, to happy raving fans at the end. Once we, you know, achieve their real estate goals for them. So really, really important CRM number one. Number two would be having a strong social media creation, content, calendar, and schedule. And we are here at sophisticated agent that your personal brand is everything in this business.

We need to be constantly creating unique, engaging, and compelling content. Pushing it out there to the market regularly with consistency and hitting our target market. Our ideal client avatar to attract more clients, to create more inbound leads, to convert more buyers and sellers from prospects to clients. So having something that can help organize that whole effort, make it easier, reduce the time involved and automate a lot of it is critical for us.

We use Hootsuite. There’s several others out there. We’ve used it for years, pretty inexpensive for the pro version, which you really need to connect properly to everything. I think it’s like less than 50 a month. Connects to all your social media profiles, content calendar, scheduling, analytics, reporting, engagement, connectivity and open API. Again, creation content, calendar, and scheduling solution. So that’s number two.

And the last key piece of technology with key technology platform that we really recommend you have in place in your real estate business to drive more sales and to increase the client experience and satisfaction of your clients is having a strong E-platform for all of your contracts, paperwork, and forms and signatures.

So now in this time of remote work and remote everything in the year of 2020 here in the pandemic, this is more important than ever most of our appointments. Now whether they’re buyer consultations, listing appointments or closing transactions are done remotely. Using zoom video technology and using the platform we choose to use for document management and the signatures, which is called dot loop.

Dotloop is really popular

It’s probably one of the most popular in the industry, super intuitive, great app, great user experience for both client and yourself, good backend reporting. All again, kind of organized into a digital filing system if you will. Called loops for each file or property, super easy to use, you can integrate it with your MLS. So all of your forms and contracts are right there. Quickly add people to the loop or the team. Easy signatures, exportable PDF, super simple to manage all of the paperwork.

If you’re not organized on the backend with paperwork, signatures, and filing, it’s going to consume you. It’s going to take up Headspace.

It’s going to make you less efficient

Remember we want to create flow and order. And the way to do that is through simplicity and systems. So that will cause a great one for that. So hopefully these were helpful. If they work, let me know, shoot me a comment, give me a, like send us to somebody who could benefit from it as well.

These will help you again, make sure that you have the right technology and the three key foundational areas of your business, robust CRM, really strong social media content, calendar, and scheduler. And lastly, document again, digital document management software with e-signatures really, really critical if you had to choose nothing else. But those three, make sure that they’re in your business that are implemented installed. And most importantly, that you use them regularly on a daily basis. You’re checking in, leveraging them and creating better experiences, hydro conversions, more sales and happier clients. Hopefully this found you and it hit you in some way. It resonated for did let me know, leave a comment like this shirt with somebody could also benefit from it real estate agent, broker investor, and again, to your success and freedom, we’ll talk to you next week.

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