This week I want to talk about ways in which we can stay increasingly top of mind and engage with clients in this remote, mobile world that we find ourselves in.

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Over the course of 8 months here in 2020 in a bizarre new world and economy that’s emerging, we found a need and an imperative to continue to innovate and find ways to connect with customers, prospects, and clients in ways that we hadn’t before. Meaning the physical brick and mortar offices, less and less relevant. It’s been harder to meet in person to build that rapport. That’s so crucial in this real estate business. And we’ve had to find ways to connect, build rapport and convert mere interest and prospects to clients using video technology, using email, using phone calls and texts in a way that we’ve never had to before in this business and in this industry.

So I want to show you a couple of tips and strategies that we’ve done here on our brokerage team in New York to do just that. To stay top of mind, to stay engaged with clients, current and past prospects and customers, and to do that in an increasingly remote and mobile world.

Be active on social media

Be a creator of content that’s engaging, that’s entertaining, inspiring, uplifting, and educational. Okay, do this regularly, have a content plan and a content calendar have the different silos of what you’re going to post and when mapped out for at least two weeks at a time. Make sure that you have a content strategy that makes sense for your market. That’s relevant and pertinent to what buyers, sellers, clients, and acquaintances and your network are interested in most.

Make sure that you have help doing this with clients

Whether it be an unpaid digital strategist intern, or somebody on your team already, a marketing coordinator, admin or executive assistant. Have help doing this set out your plan for the week on that weekend, Saturday or Sunday, and make sure that you are pushing out meaningful, engaging content to use for your growing your following and building your network that way.

That’s a great way to stay top of mind when somebody needs help from a real estate agent to buy or sell property. If you’re constantly in their feed, they’re constantly getting emails from you not too constantly. And if you’re adding value to their life and to their understanding of the market and the forces that be around them, you will be a recipient of inbound leads. Whether it be a question referral or somebody that needs to buy or sell real estate, those that stay top of mine through creating great content that again, inspires, engages, educates, and helps people are the ones that receive the most inbound client leads. We’ve seen it time and time again.

Make sure that you’re actively reaching out and connecting with clients in your sphere and CRM

You’re doing that through personalized email, text messages and phone calls regularly. Remember the cadence and the plan for this will vary based on who you’re talking to, whether it’s a type A B or C buyer or seller prospect, whether it’s a current client, past client referral, a super connector on your network. Again somebody who is connected to a lot of people that you want to build that relationship for referrals with. All those different people I just mentioned are going to have a different schedule and a different cadence and follow up plan on your outreach.

Make sure you have that mapped out and strategize and that you’re following it regularly. You’re spending 30 minutes a day on this outreach, at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day on this outreach. Okay, that’s the next thing. The third is make sure that you’re asking for the business and that you’re asking for referrals.

Remember, we don’t get what we don’t ask for in life.

We need to be verbal, proactive and upfront. Demonstrate value, ask for the business, demonstrate value, ask for other business, right? Don’t ask first, bring and add value, educate, inspire, entertain, and uplift, and then ask for the business. Whether that’s this, is a formal buyer or listing presentation by zoom increasingly now, or whether this is in a simple phone call conversation. Catch up with someone in your network or whether it’s on an email exchange and thread. Or even in a private message on Facebook or Instagram or text.

So hopefully you get some value from this. Hopefully this helped you think about ways to stay in engaged, top of mind and front and center with buyers, sellers, prospects, clients, and people in your networking sphere and an increasingly remote and mobile world that we find ourselves in here in 2020, if you found value from this, shoot me a message, drop a comment or a like, and share this with somebody else. And then the real estate agent or broker who could benefit from this as well. And it’s always to your success, your freedom and your happiness. We’ll see you next week.

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