Today I want to talk about how to generate more warm real estate leads with my super connector strategy. This is really, really unique strategy that most agents don’t realize exists and it’s low cost high impact to generate more inbound, real estate leads to you quickly and directly.

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Oftentimes right now I know agents are looking for ways to find more leads, quickly, more clients to work with. It’s a challenging time. We have to get creative reinvent, pivot, and change up our business model. But this is a tried and true strategy. It’s one that we’ve used on my brokerage team, as well as counseled and coached our coaching clients to use and implement with great results and success. So I’m going to unpack it here and give you the recap on how this really works.

How to implement into your business

So the super connector strategy goes like this, a super connector, somebody who is connected, a professional service provider of some sort that’s connected to a lot of different clients. Oftentimes those are your ideal clients as well. So super connectors could be people like attorneys, accountants, financial planners, bankers, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, people like that with access to a lot of different clients in their network and Rolodex that they serve.

Now, the strategy will work like this because you want to find a way to get in front of those people, because those are all potentially warm leads. Referral leads from your super connector contact, people that are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate in any given time or a year. This is the first step in that strategy is develop at least two or three key strategic relationships with super connectors in your market and area.

These can be people already in your network

That you know, that your friends will do business with or ones that you need to develop a relationship with what you will do. So over time with establishing and adding value, the first outreach by phone, email, LinkedIn, setting a coffee or a virtual meeting, showing ways in which you can add value to their business, their projects, what they’re passionate about, what’s important to them.

And then starting to segue to the ask, which is actually a give. So it’s positioned as a “give” meaning, right? The Cardinal rule and networking is don’t ever ask for something before you give something you want to deposit social or relationship capital, build that equity before you ever make a withdrawal. So you want to do that first. Then what you’re going to do is basically offer them a chance to offer to their list, their mailing list, their client list, or their client book, a free seminar, a training, a webinar, um, whatever you want to call it, that’s less important.

What’s more important if doing it on a topic related to real estate and your level of expertise, your subject matter area that will really resonate and add value, inform, educate, and provide something of relevance and value for their clientele.

So for instance, certified financial planner, that could be something about talking about changing home values in the area and how the supply demand situation in balance is affecting equity values and the wealth of homeowners, maybe for a mortgage broker. It could be doing a seminar on all of the different products and the changing environment with this historically low interest rate environment that we find ourselves in, whatever it is it’s less important, what’s most important is that the topic is relevant to the clientele.

Position yourself as the expert

Be prepared to deliver a meaningful value pack training. Again, whether it’s virtual or in person, then you want to work with your super connector to develop the marketing collateral around it.

Oftentimes that’s going to be a virtual event, a training webinar with a link. You can do this and go to webinar, zoom, et cetera. You’re going to prepare your remarks, have an outline. They’re going to email and maybe notify through social media or a phone call outreach through their office of this training and give their people a chance to enroll and sign up, You’re then on the day of the event going to do just that be very, very, over-prepared deliver, a lot of value take questions. And then at the end, you have to have a call to action.

That call to action is going to be offering some kind of a value piece. What we would call this business to a lead magnet, something that somebody can take away from you and get additional value in how in exchange for giving you their contact information, name, email, phone number.

So for instance, on the first campaign that we mentioned as an example, that suggestion would be to provide a free home valuation report and maybe a custom marketing plan for anybody who wants to know more about the value of their home and their equity position in it. And if they’re considering selling what a marketing plan might look like to help position them to maximize their return and the proceeds upon sale.

For the buyer, it might be a buyer guide or a, um, loan process educational guide and different loan products, the interest rates available, what the costs of hidden fees mean, et cetera, that could be a simple PDF you work up three, five pages branded to you with your contact info can be a link and can be delivered to people that respond favorably to again, your offer to your training. So those are just two examples of value pieces or lead bags and software at the end of the training, then you’re going to want to make sure that call to action is clear again in your training at the end, as well as in the email followup campaign, by your superconnector in coordination and conjunction with you.

This will create several inbound real estate leads

Even if not right away over time, because you have now positioned yourself as the expert agent and counselor who really knows what’s happening in the market, a mover and shaker with their thumb on the pulse of the market who can advise clients. And who’s on par in that level with their super connector, their counsel, whether that be a financial planner, mortgage broker insurance, agent, attorney, et cetera, it’s really, really a solid strategy creates a lot of warm leads, less selling, more relationship building, and think about the cost associated with it.

There’s virtually no cost associated with it. It’s a little bit of time and prep putting into this, but very, very low cost high-impact. We’ve done this. We get double digit in inbound referral leads each year because of this, a few key strategic relationships.

So all you need is a couple to start, but imagine what three or four or five would do over time doing a couple of these seminars or trainings, whether they’re live or virtual per year, it could be your largest lead source. So that is the super connector strategy unpacked. I highly recommend that you leverage it, implement it and try it to see how it can generate warm inbound real estate leads to your business again, by using this super connector strategy, activating and stimulating your network, adding value and positioning yourself as the subject matter area expert in the real estate field.

If you’re somebody who gets value and likes to share things of value with others, please share this comment like it. Let me know what you thought. And again, hopefully this is helpful help you generate more inbound leads to your real estate business. And again, if you have any questions, please reach out. There’s a lot of free resources here on our website here. I’m in the real estate coaching space and the real estate investing space as well. So to your success and happiness have a great day.

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