I hope you’re excited about this fourth quarter, and I want to talk to you for this week’s message on ways in which you can really end this year strong. Really have a dominant fourth quarter and set yourself up for success. Next year in 2021, you know, this year has been of extreme change, disruption, upheaval and very tumultuous.

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We’ve experienced hopefully a once in a generation pandemic that has changed everything about the way we live and work. So I want to make sure that you’re now coming out of this stronger than you went into it coming out of this with a game plan coming out of this time, charged, ready, you know, planning and ready to execute so that you can really have a breakout year in 2021. So a couple of things that we’re doing both in my team and with clients is this.

Get really clear about the most important goals to you to achieve in the next three months

We just started the fourth quarter. Now is the time we need to take action. So identify two or three really, really big goals that you’re going to focus on achieving and committing to achieving by the end of this year. That’s really going to change things in your real estate business, in your career and in your life, right? These could be things like implementing a new lead generation system. These could be things like, you know, closing X amount of deals could be volume based, performance based, whatever it is.

It needs to have a level of clarity and specificity or else we don’t end up achieving it. So we can’t just say, we want to close more. We’re going to make more, how many more deals do you want to close? How much more do you want to make exactly?So achieve clarity around this really, really critical.

Stimulate and activate your network

Being top of mind, front and center on the stage out there on social media, creating great content, informing educating, and inspiring the public, the market, your potential buyers and sellers, right? Doing it with relevant information, being unafraid to step into the light, to be a leader, to lean into the conversation, to have a voice, to educate people. Because right now we’ve never seen a market like this that is filled with change A mass Exodus out of US cities, more and more buyers in the market, historically low debt and rates.

It’s created a dynamic, unlike one we’ve almost ever seen before in the housing market, in the United States. So consumers naturally have questions. They don’t know how to navigate this. They don’t know the best way to create an offer that can ensure acceptance. Sellers don’t know how they should price their home, how they should market it. You know, what are the different dynamics and implications of those decisions.

They look to you for guidance

Are you going to be the one that provides that relevant information that assurance that confidence, or is it going to be the next agent, think about that? Lean into the conversation, be a leader, be top of mind, front of stage, front and center to gain and win more clients to build your personal brand, to grow your authority. Really, really important. And remember too, to keep a strong mindset this quarter, because we want to end this year off strong.

We want you to achieve your goals, set up a foundation for success, where you can leapfrog and jump into 2021 with renewed confidence with a solid game plan and with success coming off of the craziest year that I can remember, and that most of us can, right? Because that’s what builds intention. That’s what builds commitment. That’s what builds success. Because success begets more success.

So hopefully this was inspiring. This challenges you to really want to crush this last quarter here to end out the crazy year of 2020 on a strong note, and to set yourself up for success in your real estate business here in 2021 next year. If you got value from this, leave me a comment, share this with somebody who could benefit from it as well as always. I love being here with you every week, sharing some knowledge, some wisdom, some things that may or may not help you. Hopefully they do. Let me know if it does help and to your success, your freedom and your happiness. We’ll talk to you then next week.

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