Hey, everybody. Coming to you live. It’s a little windy out here in Saratoga Springs. We have a little bit of a pep talk. We’re entering almost the fourth week of May and we’re firmly in the spring market, entering Memorial Day weekend. I hope you take some time with your family and friends to relax.

Now is the time, more than ever, that we need to be focusing on the two or three key activities that could really drive revenue and drive commission growth. Really move the needle and blow it off the charts in our business. For most of us,  that is going to be this: Creating great content. Implementing the marketing plan that we talked about to get in front of more sellers. To focus on driving listing appointments. 

Serve The Goals of Your Clients

The point of all marketing is to generate appointments, right? So we need to make sure we’re very intentional on the marketing campaigns that we’re launching. Cost-effective, and very focused on the message. Also again, providing value. How can we serve the real estate goals and needs of our clients, our prospects, and the people we work with?

Second is identifying the other activities that really move the needle. Right now that’s going to be getting in front of more buyers and sellers, creating more appointments, and signing more buyers and sellers to exclusive listing agreements and exclusive buyer rep agreements.

Third thing is focusing on negotiating and supporting the value and the interest of the clients we currently represent in those agreements. So, if we’re representing a listing client of a seller, we’re going to be focused on getting as much value as we can for them. Negotiating up with a unique selling point to their property. Focusing on the comps and coming at this from a data-analytical standpoint. Focusing on days on market and other competing properties, and reasons in which we believe firmly in the list price. Not trading away value just for a deal.

Remembering What You’re Working For

Sometimes we often get wrapped up in a deal, and we feel like we’re working for the deal when in effect we need to remember that we’re always working for our client, the seller. And we’re trying to maximize their value and reduce the amount of time it stays on the market while delivering a great and memorable experience. So, let’s not lose sight of that. While the deal’s important, our client’s interests, goals, and things that are important to them are paramount.

Let’s Drive!

So again, I hope this is helpful, guys. A little bit of a pep talk focusing on the two or three key activities that can really move the needle and drive your business. Get some momentum, and into the groove here as you head through the spring market, and entering the summer market which is just less than a month away. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Hopefully you enjoy it, spend some time with your friends and family, and relax a little bit, but don’t take the foot off the pedal. Keep the gas down, focus on those things that really create a difference,

Thanks, guys.

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