I hope this finds you well, inspired and ready for a strong and intentional week. So this week I want to talk about how to be seen and how to promote your personal real estate agent brand in 2021, this new year.

You know, this new year, I think even more so than the prior few, our ability to articulate after defining and then promoting our personal brand as real estate agents is going to be the most important thing and differentiator. Between those agents that get ahead and those that don’t. And the reason being is our world, our eyes, our attention has increasingly gone digital. Increasingly gone mobile and increasingly gone focused on social gathering, social media groups and ways in which we find value and connect with others through platforms. Through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google, all these different platforms is where people go for information now, more and more.

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So those agents that really get ahead this year, I believe are going to be the ones that have really focused on defining properly then articulating in the marketing collateral, and then disseminating and promoting consistently, right? That’s the key: consistently. Their personal real estate agent brand. That’s, what’s going to set you apart and set you aside from all the other agents. That’s what’s going to either elevate your stature, increase the inbound leads to you, or it’s going to be the thing that doesn’t do that. It’s going to be the thing that holds you back because you’ve not been intentional about creating and promoting your own personal brand.

Remember it doesn’t matter what company we’re with, what we’re with, you know, if we’re with Sotheby’s or Remax or Century 21 or Coldwell Banker. That I firmly believe is still a secondary consideration of consumers, buyers and sellers. The reason why is that buyers and sellers don’t buy companies when they’re looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate, they buy people.

They’re interested in relationships

They want trust and like, and know that they’re in the best hands with the agent that they choose to work with. So again and more so now than ever personal brands are what matters. They’re buying you and the relationship that they’re going to be having with you. So it’s really important that we don’t sit back and rest on the laurels of our strong company that we affiliate with, or maybe the lack of strength of the company that we affiliate with, right? If it’s a small startup brokerage or independent, doesn’t have that name recognition and cache. Because remember the things that we have unique control over are the assets that we create that underpin and create the foundation of our personal brand.

Those are the things we own. Those are the things that we have creative direction and control over. Those are things that we can choose how they look and they feel right. And we need to be intentional about those choices because those choices matter. Because that is what differentiates you or doesn’t. For me and my business, how I’ve differentiated myself and my brokerage team is really focusing on the high end. Being an expert in the high end, in luxury real estate and doing that through having a sophisticated level of everything that we do.

From the presentation of our marketing, of myself, team members and team to the ways in which we position, promote and present our luxury properties and listings, to the ways in which we deliver white glove experience and service to our clients. Those things, the way that we define them, articulate them and promote and discuss them mostly in digital media, but also in print collateral is what sets us apart.

People know when they encounter our brand, the Keir Weimer Team at Engel and Volkers that they’re encountering something of quality, of substance of reputation. And it creates a level of trust and comfort and confidence in our ability to get the job done. And what that does is that creates brand equity, which right is very important because it creates capital, right? It creates brand capital in the account that we can withdrawn perpetuates itself in the marketplace that creates momentum and attraction marketing, which is what we teach here and what we build so that we’re getting inbound leads to us, right?

We’re getting sellers and buyers calling us.

We’re able to, you know, promote our brand and create more results. And that’s a beautiful thing because we own these assets. We own the creative, we own the email list. We own all the followers over 25,000. We own all of these things on our social media profiles, on our mailing list, the web traffic we get through SEO and through the web work we’ve done. Those are the things we own.

We don’t have to spend money to the rent the space, right? We don’t have to give Zillow and Trulia and realtor.com thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that we were at one point every month just to get leads. It’s not how we have to run our business anymore, and it’s a great position to be in. So I hope that you take these and you really focus on diligently defining, articulating, and promoting your personal real estate agent brand. To be seen and to generate more business, more inbound leads, and to really grow your real estate practice in 2021.

If you found value from this, I hope you did leave me a like below, a comment, share this with somebody else who could benefit from it in the real estate business. That’s looking to take their business and practice to new levels.

And as always, if you want to reach out and connect, happy to do that, I’m a mentor and coach too, we have a coaching program here at free training on the website. We do videos like this every week that are on our social media profiles and Facebook and Instagram, as well as on our blog. And we also have a free training where I unpack the three key strategies that I developed and implemented to become the number one agent and team of my company in less than 18 months. You can find that on the website as well. And again, to your success, your happiness and your freedom. We’ll talk to you next week.

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