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Let’s cover some of the key things you can really do to make your personal brand as a real estate agent stand out. So I’m going to focus on five main things today.

Identifying your ideal client avatar

The first one is this, really understanding who your ideal client is, right? Meaning going through, we teach going through a series of questions on what we call an “ideal client avatar exercise.” So we’re gonna try to identify who it is you really love to work with, right? Is it focused on sellers, right? Listings? Is it focused on buyers? What is the price point, right? Where does this ideal client live? Right? How much money they make, how many kids they have, where they socialize, what is their job, right? What is their background, their education level? All these things we want to get really, really clear on this.

Write out a narrative, right? Who is John Doe, right? Your ideal client avatar? Because then we can start to build a brand around this, right? A brand that will appeal to this ideal client that can attract them to you. Where you can create content and add value and speak to them in a way that connects, right? Step one, identify your ideal client.

Creating your unique brand ethos and message

Step two then is identifying your unique brand ethos and message. So by that I mean starting to build a brand around something that’s unique and different, right? Maybe it can be a brand that really speaks to the technology that you’re going to be adopting in your business to do your work as an agent more effectively. Maybe it can be one that really focuses on being a lifestyle and destination marketer, right? You want a vacation area, resort second home market like we are, like we built up, my team, and you’re really an expert at the lifestyle and destination that you’re selling in addition to the homes that you’re selling, right?

Whenever it is, start to create your brand message, your ethos, what you’re going to be about, right? What you’re going to focus, your content, your image, your aesthetic and everything on. That’s really, really important.

Identifying points of differentiation against the competition

Step three is identifying unique points of differentiation that can set you apart from your competitors. So by that I mean what are the things that make you different, right? Different from the other agents that buyers and sellers have out there to choose from. Because as we know, there’s no shortage of agents. Many markets are saturated. There’s a lot of choices. So what are the unique things that are going to make you different? List these out. You should have at least five to 10 of these. They could be small, could be big things.

Using high-quality professional photography and videography to stand out

We’ve used this next step to great success in our business, being the number one agent and team at our company and in our markets year over year. And that is this: employing high-quality photography and videography and technology to stand out from the competition. So we use industry-leading technology from Matterports and drones to really high-quality photographers to really market not only our listings but ourselves as well as the destinations and the lifestyles we represent and sell as well. So we’ve used impactful photography to tell a story, engaging videography to move somebody emotionally and to intrigue somebody enough so that it’s compelling enough for them to reach out, right, to make contact and wanna learn more. So impactful photography, videography, and technology can be the difference-maker in whether or not your personal brand will stand out among the competition.

Creating unique content that speaks to your ideal clients

And the last point I’d like to mention and discuss, it’s really been impactful for us is creating and engaging in a consistent content strategy that speaks to the pain points, the desires, the wants, and the needs of your ideal client and then regularly push this content out so that they can receive this in the form of blog articles and posts, social media updates, stories, and emails with data, information, and content that again addresses the fears, the aspirations, the desires, the wants, and the needs of your ideal client.

When you do this consistently and you have the other four things in place, you’ll start to, over time, build a really strong personal brand as a real estate agent that can help you stand out from your competition and really excel in your market.


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