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Writing and publishing my latest book, Live Inspired! Five Minute Intentions to Energize Your Life and Career, was a passion project of mine that started, really, years ago.

This was a big undertaking and goal of mine. 

I really wanted to cultivate all of the different philosophies, routines, habits, ways of thinking, lessons, successes, failures, triumphs, hardships, all the things that learned, that influenced my and implemented and developed in my life to create success, abundance, wealth, and all these things that I’m fortunate to have now in my life.

What was the movement? What was the way of living? What was the strategy and the process? I’ve put that together in this book to share those systems, routines, and success habits so that you could do the same in your life.

I wanted to inspire other people to really go after your dreams and your vision and make it a reality, but realize that the process to get there is sometimes just that: a process.

It often takes longer than we expect to achieve something significant. But the feeling of gratitude, of accomplishment, is so, so worth it. 

So make your vision a reality. Be willing to put in the work, understand and embrace the process and the effort it takes to get there, and realize that oftentimes big projects and big lists— like writing and publishing a book— take a while. 

But at the end of the day, you have an artifact, something you can put out into the world to inspire others that will be there for posterity, for eternity, for the rest of time. Really. So that’s what’s exciting, right? Get energized and driven by your why and the destination, but embrace the process and what it takes to get there.


If you are looking to make 2020 your best year yet, you really want to live more intentionally and mindfully, you want to achieve new levels of success in your career or improve your relationships, create new routines and habits that support your success and your vision, I really hope you’ll try out my ebook or print book which is coming at the end of January.

Please reach out so that I can support you in your journey in any way I can. If you do get the book and do support our launch and you’re getting value from it, let us know how you’re doing. Let us know how it’s impacted you.

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