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My message this week is one based on stepping outside of our comfort zone and into the unknown and being willing to take calculated risks in the name of growth and getting closer to our vision. 

Achieving new things requires us to get uncomfortable so that we can expand our perspective, our mindset, and our success. 

Speaking to this personally, in one of my own businesses we’ve recently joined a new company in a new affiliation. And we’re meeting with this awesome new team, which is really experienced and successful in leadership. Their global branded platform will give my team access to new resources and tools to better serve our clientele around the world. 

While there’s a lot of uncertainty, it is a move that aligns very closely with my team’s values and mission. So we’re going into this with a big heart, an open mind, and a commitment to seeing our vision through. 

I know that because we have this commitment, and a desire to see this work for us, and because of my team’s support, stepping out of our comfort zone will pay off.  

It’s really the quality of the people that you surround yourself with, their integrity, and their values that really help you reach new levels of success. Finding cultures, people, and environments that align with you and your values and your vision is key. And when there isn’t alignment, make a change and be okay with that.


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