Hope everyone is doing well today. I want to do a quick training on a very important topic for anybody in business, entrepreneurs and even others. This is the topic of building your own personal brand. How do you define yourself and cut an edge in the market? How do you stand out and rise above the noise? I’ve got a simple three-step process to do that, which is define your edge, refine your edge and build upon your edge. When I say edge, I mean your differentiating features. The things that make you unique. This will become your personal brand. Sometimes it takes a lot of introspection, reflection, and self-awareness to really come to the conclusion of what this is.

Build and Refine Your Platform

This process is a matter of getting in tune and comfortable with what these defining characteristics are. Then take those, and build strengths and skills to support these. Focus on creating and refining a platform which you can build upon. For example, in my luxury real estate brokerage business, the thing that makes us different (our edge) from all the other agents, brokers, and teams out there is this one-word: sophistication. That’s our edge. Everything we do is sophisticated.

  • Our expert level of counseling we give our clients
  • Our level of world-class service
  • Our level and quality of marketing
  • Our professional ability to present and tell a story creatively
  • Our way of conducting business
  • Our interactions with clients
  • And most importantly, how we present ourself

The list goes on and on. We want to live in the lifestyles that we represent because that speaks to our ideal client avatar. The whole objective here is that it allows us to step up our game, stand out, and differentiate from everybody else. When you’re the top of mind brand and you’re visible, you will really start to grow and scale. So I want to ask you if you’re building a personal brand, if you’re in business, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in real estate, to follow this simple three-step process. Define your edge, refine your edge and build upon your edge. For us again, this is sophistication. Injecting sophistication into everything we do and making this a part of our brand DNA.

Implement The Three-Step Process

Lastly, if we build upon it, we will create a foundation of sophistication in every functional area of our luxury real estate business. This will enable us to stand out, rise above, and attract more business, leads, and visibility in the marketplace with a powerful personal brand. Hopefully, you find this helpful. The three-step process to cutting edge in any market and standing out with your personal brand. Hope you’re well. Talk to you guys soon.

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