I want to talk to you about a really great strategy where you can add a hundred thousand dollars or more in annual commission income with $0 investment on social media alone.

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Generating inbound leads from other agents around the country, in the world. Then you might think this is crazy, right? No investment. How am I going to do this? A six figure addition to my already, you know, current income as an agent, how do I do this? I’ll tell you how you do this. This is what we’ve done over the last few years. This year alone, we’ve received over 10 inbound referral leads for buyers and sellers from our social media presence alone on Instagram and Facebook. We have over 25,000 followers right now.

Our team puts out regular content that positions us as the expert in New York luxury real estate

We have a network of agents, brokers, team leaders, and decision makers for major companies and major markets all over the United States and all over the world. What this does is when they have buyers or sellers or investors, anybody that’s looking to buy, sell investor, do anything related to real estate in our market in New York. They think of us because we’re top of mind because we’re always in their feeds, because we’re putting out great content, because we’re listing unique, spectacular homes because we’re educating buyers on this new normal, this new market, this new debt environment, and we’re helping put transactions together in uncertain times.

So by having a very robust, organic social media content plan, being consistent, which is one of the number one things. Most agents are not consistent. Having a consistent content media plan with different categories, of content and a consistent posting schedule throughout the week and month.

We are top of mind, we are out there and it produces inbound leads for buyers and sellers. Again from agents of all different companies, not just our own company, Engel & Volkers, all different companies from around the country and the world. And you know what this takes? A little bit of creativity, a little bit of time, putting the strategy together.

Use a digital media strategist

Who’s an intern of ours who helps package and put together the content. We have a marketing coordinator, but you could do this on your own if you don’t have that. Use a scheduling software platform like Hootsuite or something like that. Plan the content out, take one to two hours every weekend. Set it, schedule it, post it, and make sure that you’re diligent. Then in responding quickly to comments and likes, you’re sending direct messages to other agents who are connecting with them.

You’re showing them again how you could be a resource in this area. And you’re asking them for any referrals of buyers or sellers that they may have in the future. Offering too, to of course, return the favor and send any of their way as well in their market. This strategy alone has produced over six figures in annual income year over year for us. With $0 in paid ad spent no paid media spend, a little bit of time.

Like I said, a little bit of creativity and consistency above all else. So if this sounds attractive to you, this sounds like something you want to try, give it a whirl, but remember you can’t just try it for a month and give up because you’re not getting any leads. The name of the game in real estate and in life is consistency. So put this together, give it at least 6 to 12 months.

Again, this is like 3 hours a week. If you don’t have 3 hours a week, then you don’t really deserve to make another a hundred thousand dollars a year in commission income. It’s worth the time involved. Hopefully you found some value from this. Again, give it a try. It’s a really effective way to be front and center for other agents, right? Most people just want to market to buyers and sellers.

We market to other agents and brokers too, because it produces inbound referral leads. Sure, they have a 25% on average referral fee attached to it, but there’s little to no spend in money and time to produce that. So it’s worth that for us to give that up in return. So anyway, if you’ve got some value from this, leave me a comment and let me know, share this with somebody who could as well to your success and happiness. We’ll catch you next week with our next topic here on our blog and sophisticated agent. Thank you.

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