So today I want to talk about the benefits of being hyperactive on social media to generate more inbound, real estate leads and clients for your business.

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You know, right now in this pandemic, we’ve seen usage rates on the major social media platforms skyrocket. And the reason is people have more time. They’re trying to engage and connect with friends, with brands and with other people that they love more quickly and more seamlessly, in a time when they can’t always be near them physically. So right now is an amazing opportunity to be creating engaging, relevant, entertaining, and informative content for your ideal client avatars and getting out there, being front and center, entering the conversation where you find them. Posting regular updates, diversifying your content, not just posting open houses and price reductions.

Post lifestyle, destination and personality content on Social Media

I get over 1,000 people viewing each of my stories and we get several direct messages and leads just from stories alone. So I want to encourage you to be hyperactive, be posting at least 3 to 4 times a week, be engaging with the people that are watching your stories on Instagram that are commenting on your Facebook and Instagram posts respond to your messages and comments within 24 hours. Be putting out content that really resonates with the people you’re trying to attract, right?

That ideal client. Things that will educate, inform, entertain, and assure them that you are the go to real estate expert in your market. That you’re somebody that can add value to the real estate transaction, you know what you’re talking about in regards to the properties and area. Make it clear that you’re willing to help them and you’re ready to serve them. You’re entering the conversation that they’re already having in their mind, when you’re answering questions that they already have, that they don’t know they have.

That’s when you elevate that’s when you stand out, that’s when you get the call

We have over 24,000 followers now. So it takes a little while to build to that. But even with 500 or 1,000 engaged followers, you can get great engagement. Again, this business is built on referrals. The best way to build a personal brand is to get out there in the trenches, create content, build your platform and your following and generate inbound leads. We don’t chase leads. We attract people that want to work with us that know they want to work with us. They know our results, our reputation, and that trust us before we even have that first conversation.

It’s been a crazy market, crazy summer. Hopefully you guys have been experiencing the same. I’m gonna take some time to really, you know, unwind at the end of the summer. As we enter the fall, it’s going to be a new time. We’ve got an election coming up. The market’s on fire real estate and stock market. And there’s a lot of change and volatility, volatility still out there. But I want to make sure you guys are armed and equipped to take advantage of all the opportunity. One of which is being hyperactive on social media to generate more inbound, real estate leads and clients to your success and happiness.

We’ll talk to you next week. If you got value from this, please share this. We’ll talk to you soon.

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