Inspired and encouraged to really make the best of this week. And this last quarter here in 2020, this age and this year of pandemic. Of the most unprecedented change, disruption and upheaval we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes.

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What are you doing to pivot and adapt to this next chapter?

How are you doing to push your business, your life, your focus forward to make 2021 your best year yet? What plans are you creating now and putting into practice in this last quarter with new systems? New lead generation, new branding materials, marketing collateral, and other things, to make sure that you come out of this as a stronger, more prepared, better positioned agent than your peers and your competitors. If you can’t answer those questions with definitive strong answers and responses, we need to work on that.

I want to encourage and challenge you to think more intentionally, more deliberately about those questions. About what you’re really doing here to pivot and turn. To step into this new time, this new uncharted territory. And if you haven’t used the last eight months, like a lot of our top clients and students have to really work on yourself, invest in your future, create new business systems and lead generation tools. Here’s the thing today is still the first day of the rest of the year.

It’s the first day of the rest of your career. And it’s the first day of the rest of your life. So Jeff Bezos, so famously said founder of Amazon, right? Treat every day as day one. Meaning it doesn’t matter what happened before here, before today, before now, what matters is what’s is what happens afterwards. So take this as inspiration as encouragement and as a challenge to be thinking more intentionally, more action based and actionable and more focused now than ever before.

On what you’re going to do over the next two months to prepare yourself and your business. To really excel and lean into and out of this crazy year of 2020, this pandemic, tumult, disruption and upheaval.

The best agents will be put in the time to planning, adding the right new technology, creating new lead systems, adapting to this virtual world, right of connecting, converting, creating trust virtually with video conferences and meetings like this. And have done other things to allay the concerns of their prospects and clients to continue to do business in a really difficult uncharted time with no real verifiable playbook, right?

So hopefully this gave you some ideas and encouragement that did drop me a comment, share this with another agent or broker that needs to hear it. And as always to success your happiness and your freedom, we’ll see you next week. Thanks so much for being here.

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