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Today I want to talk about three things that your potential clients need to know before hiring you. This is really important because a lot of people, real estate agents, real estate investors alike don’t understand how important the preface, the preset, the pre-appointment really is.

And that’s why they stay in a game of constantly prospecting, chasing, and going after leads. The better way to run a real estate practice is to create an engine, marketing front, and a personal brand that attracts your ideal clients to you. They start to seek you out, call you, and create inbound messages and leads for you. So couple of ways in which you can do this better and implement this into your real estate business are the following. Again, these three things, your potential clients or prospects need to know before they hire you.

They need to understand that you’re capable of the job.

So by that I mean you need to be publishing and creating content regularly. It should show and highlight your sales and service results of past clients. Then showing how you’re able to achieve great results and goals for the clients you work with to create a level of confidence and a level of social proof. You can do this through producing graphics, like a map, showing different properties and locations of homes that you’ve sold.

This works on both the buyers side, you can do this through showing statistics, you versus the market or versus other agents. You can do this by highlighting a great sale that you had as a case study and how it went well in terms of days on market, high sale to list price, etc. You need to show them that you’re capable of doing the job before they even reach out. So be out there creating content, promoting yourself and your results and be prominent in your content strategy.

Prove that other people have experienced great results with you.

So by that you need to be attaining, collecting, and then promoting reviews from past clients. You should be collecting these a couple times a month. Publish a great review you got on one of the portals, Zillow, Trulia, Google, or Facebook. Publish, promote, and create video content around these because that social proof is what helps create confidence before somebody reaches out and decides to work with you. Remember a lot of people bye products and services based on the trust and the social proof of testimonials and reviews from other people.

Be likable.

You need to be approachable. You need to be somebody who they could see themselves working with and even be friends with. Do this by showcasing your personality informally through things like Instagram stories, behind the scenes, short outtakes, interviews, market updates, and being in front of the camera. You should promote what you’re doing, adding value and showing a little bit of your personality, right? Be a little bit self-deprecating, show another side that’s not so buttoned up always and relax a little and make them like you, make them see themselves working with you and make them see themselves potentially being friends with you after you do a wonderful job with them as your client and you as their agent.

So hopefully this helped again, three things you need to do with prospects and potential clients before they hire you. Remember the first is show them you’re capable of the job. The second is, show past results with other clients that have experienced great things working with you. And the third is show your personality, be likable and approachable. Hopefully you got value from this. If you did leave a comment below or share this with somebody, who’s looking to really take the real estate agent business to the next level again, to your success and happiness be well, stay safe, be healthy and be intentional. And we’ll talk to you soon.

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