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Most Real Estate Agents Never Reach

Their Sales & Income Goals

Most agents come to me with similar problems:

  • I’m putting in the work, but not getting the results — feeling frustrated
  • New technology & marketing is hard to master — feeling overwhelmed
  • My competitors are killing me — losing market share and pride
  • Generating enough leads & sales is difficult — living sale-to-sale
  • My family & friends never see me any more — feeling burned out
  • Higher priced listings difficult to obtain & then sell — losing confidence
  • Unable to generate higher price point clientele — feeling inadequate
  • I’m not achieving my sales and income goals — feeling frustrated
  • Unable to differentiate myself from competition — feeling stuck
  • And the list goes on and on….

My Story

I can relate to this feeling of frustration, discouragement, loss of confidence and even defeat. I know all of these emotions and then some, as I once felt this same way. In my first year in this business, where I had invested a lot of time and energy into the practice of learning how to be a top producing real estate agent…without the help of a real estate coach…but I still after an entire year in the business…hadn’t made one sale…not one! Zero income to show, and $40,000+ in debt!

But I never gave up, I persevered through the challenges and setbacks, I was resourceful, and then I sold almost $10,000,000 dollars in real estate my 2nd year for just under $300,000 in income. From that year on, it’s continued to grow year after year as my sales, income and brand really elevated and took off.

video marketing

What I Learned and Developed

A few years later I decided I wanted to pay forward my success, and share with my students and clients the exact blueprint and system I developed to become the #1 Agent. As a real estate coach, I find it incredibly rewarding to be teaching the success strategies I wish that I had when I was learning the business.

Why a real estate coach can make all the difference

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. I knew I didn’t. It took several years of trial and error, thousands in misspent income, failing forward several times….for me to realize maybe I needed to find a real estate coach to help me achieve the next level success in the business. When I did this, my sales and income more than doubled, and I realized the value of working with someone who was more successful and accomplished than me.

I created a real estate coaching

and business learning platform

By combining my years of experience in the industry, my different roles and capacities as an agent, team leader and president, and associate broker I have created a world-class real estate education platform, digital course, and real estate coaching program and community. I help real estate agents generate more real estate clients, increase sales and grow their income. I help them transform and become the #1 agent in their market, through implementing my proven blueprint and formula for real estate success.

The Benefits our Real Estate Coaching Clients Experience

Raise your average price point

average commission check, & start working in the higher-price-point markets

Build & grow a sophisticated personal brand

that will allow you to attract your ideal clients, and stop chasing prospects and leads like every other agent

Increase your income dramatically

creating consistency & predictability in your commission income

Build lifelong skills & grow your confidence

Win more clients and excel in your business

Expand your peer mentor network & referral partners

with top-producing agents across the country and world

Secure higher-price-point luxury listings consistently

average commission check, & start working in the higher-price-point markets

Create more freedom in your work and life

and create consistency and predictability in your commission income

Work more efficiently & effectively

to continue to scale and elevate your brand and business

Improve and elevate your client base

and create consistency and predictability in your commission income

To learn the 3 key strategies that Keir developed and implemented to become the #1 agent at his company and market, click the button below.

Are you ready to build your brand, grow your sales and income, and build wealth, freedom and legacy?

Keir’s insights have been featured in:

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What Some of our Students and Clients are Saying

Keir’s insights have been featured in:

Keir Weimer

Real estate coach and mentor

#1 Agent and team leader

Keir Weimer is an expert in entrepreneurship, real estate coach, having founded and successfully led multiple seven-figure companies in luxury real estate brokerage, hospitality development, investment, lifestyle show and brand, and education & information, training and event enterprises. He is also a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, a certified high performance coach, and speaker.

He has a passion for taking early-stage, novel ideas to market and growing teams, cultures and businesses around them. Keir is an internationally-recognized, luxury real estate & lifestyle entrepreneur who has been featured in major global media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several other major global media outlets. Keir is now focused on sharing his expertise and success to help others through a next-generation education and information company, Keir Weimer Multimedia, LLC.

I look forward to helping you achieve your real estate and life goals!

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